Now you can buy the construction plans and 3D models of 36 different portable miniature golf lanes approved by the World Minigolf Federation. All come in one handy 27p PDF file for only $99

  Here are 18 of the included in the plans minigolf felt tracks:  



2Checkout.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Backyard Minigolf Ltd.


If you are looking to build small portable miniature golf for home or fundraising, the following plans are for you. They contain 9 holes that can be built very easily and inexpensively. The price is only $37





2Checkout.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Backyard Minigolf Ltd.     


We made it into the British news with our latest product 🙂


Due to the many questions and requests for the lowest possible prices on a portable minigolf courses, we created a truly functional waterproof and outdoor course, requiring only a minimum area of 30 sq. m for 9 lanes. The cost of this course of nine tracks with very interesting permanently attached obstacles is ONLY 2500 EURO VAT  excluded . The length of each path is 2.5 meters and width 45 cm. Despite the relatively small size , the game is more interesting and challenging, thanks to the specially designed obstacles for such distances. This investment would be back in just a few short months and should not be a problem to make it for the start of this season.



Our miniature golf courses are mobile, without special handling. They are durable, easy to assemble, light weight, can be used indoors or out, and will have a long life and a good resale value. The required area to set up a 6 hole minigolf course is only 60 sq. m.

A complete 9 hole portable mini golf course can be set on 100 sq. m.

Our courses can be set up or removed in 30 minutes or less by 2 people without any tools and can be used almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.

The portability of our mini golf courses gives you the flexibility you need to maximize the returns you want on your investment! Our portable mini golf courses can be used by Campgrounds, Parks, Hotels, Rentals Companies, Trade Shows, and more! For birthdays, corporate functions, promotional events, fund raising, guest entertainment, etc

The price of 6 hole minigolf course is only EUR 4800 plus shipping costs.

9 hole mini golf course cost EUR 7 200 and 18 hole complete portable minigolf course is only EUR 14 400 plus shipping expenses.


Indoor Miniature Golf Courses

Indoor miniature golf courses are the best way to extend the season and that there is a strong demand for indoor miniature golf during the winter season.

People usually equate miniature golf with the end of the indoor “cabin fever” season. They want to play outdoors. Even in the very warm states, where a daytime play is often very uncomfortable, outdoor miniature golf has reigned supreme. People will still play miniature golf after the sun goes down, and the temperatures are high.

We’ve found, however, that indoor miniature golf can sustain itself in facilities that do a volume birthday party business. Under this format, the miniature golf play is part of the package. These courses are targeted toward younger players and therefore can be constructed more economically and on more limited floor space. As younger children do not have a preconceived concept that mini- golf should be 18 holes, the use of nine-hole configurations permits less space to be used, coupled with lower costs

The new black light courses being introduced, offer the possibility of expanding the indoor market. This is partly due to the novelty of the approach.