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Are you looking for an interesting and enjoyable DIY project that the whole family can enjoy? Do you aspire to have your own backyard course for playing miniature golf? Check out our article on “How to Build a Miniature Golf Course” right away!

Our guide is the only tool you’ll ever require to build a backyard mini golf course that will give your family and friends hours of fun and amusement. With the help of our thorough tutorial, you’ll discover how to construct your own miniature golf course and will learn how to:

  • Select the ideal site for your mini golf course.
  • Make each hole as challenging and enjoyable as possible.
  • Build all of the required elements, including the putting greens, hazards, and obstacles.
  • Learn how to make your course original, imaginative, and enjoyable.  

All levels of DIY enthusiasts, from newbies to seasoned pros, will find our guide to be extremely helpful. It’s simple to use, and with our professional advice, you can design a course that is both enjoyable and difficult.

 But don’t just believe what we say. Here are some comments from our clients:

“This method made it possible for me to create a miniature golf course in my backyard, which I never believed would be possible. The tips and tricks were quite helpful, and the directions were simple to understand. Anyone wishing to create their own mini golf course should definitely consider using this tutorial. ” – Peter D.

“My backyard has always been the perfect location for a miniature golf course, but I had no idea where to begin. I was thrilled to discover this tutorial for that reason. It gave me all the knowledge I required to create a course that my entire family adores. ” – Samantha S.

The best thing, though? Our handbook can be purchased for $49 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’re willing to provide a full refund because we’re so sure you’ll enjoy our guide.

Why then wait? Start constructing your ideal backyard golf course by ordering our guide on “How to Build a Miniature Golf Course.” You’ll be well on your way to building an exciting and challenging course that your family and friends will adore with our professional advice and easy-to-follow instructions. Order right away to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.  












We are not offering you just miniature golf plans, but a complete cash-rich business and full support during construction over Skype, Viber, phone or WhatsApp.  

Miniature or Putt-Putt Golf offers possibilities of impressive financial returns.

Ultra-quick redemption, owing to:

  •   limited investment ;
  •   minimal workforce ;
  •   simple management ;
  •   negligible maintenance costs ;
  •   additional sales in drinks, light refreshments, and accessories 



Just order the $49 guide twice and send me measures of your intended area for miniature golf, and within 3 days I’ll send you the customized layout of the course for your exact area. Thus you get the customized layout and blueprints for only $98


Build A Profitable Minigolf (Putt-Putt) Course FAST


Have you been thinking about building a new miniature golf course, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We have the perfect solution! We set out to make it easier than ever to build your own minigolf course without any experience, a huge budget, or technical expertise. This is the perfect way to start your own successful minigolf business NOW!

Introducing the all-inclusive “How To Build and Operate a Profitable Miniature Golf Course Pack!” This easy to follow guide gives you step by step instructions on how to build your own minigolf course on a budget and operate it successfully! It provides 25 unique golf hole designs complete with blueprints, AutoCAD files, and a sample layout so you can build the golf course hassle-free and modify it to fit your specific needs.

  • Step by step instructions
  • Precise dimensions
  • 25 unique designs
  • AutoCAD files
  • Affordable solutions

We have done all the hard work for you! Now it’s time for you to take the next step and get the complete formula to start your own minigolf course today! What are you waiting for? Order now and take your business to the next level for only $49!












You probably ask yourself who I am and why to trust me in helping you in building your dream miniature or putt-putt golf course.









My name is Stan, and although I am European, I got my education at Eckerd College, Florida, USA. I lived and worked in the Tampa Bay Area for more than 8 years. There I got fond of both miniature and real golf.

It all started 12 years ago back in Europe… I also like you wanted to build a miniature golf course. So I secured a lease at a seaside resort. But since I did not own the land, I wanted to build it with as little investment as possible to maximize profits from it and have a return of my investment within the first season, which was less than a six months. Unfortunately, there were no minigolf courses that could be built at the tight budget at that time….. So I designed and built one myself, following the directions by the World Minigolf Federation.

In short, the course was a great success. It was a real money-making machine… and very shortly people started to ask me to build them similar ones for them in different locations in Europe.

So I did….and continue doing it as my main business. Over the years we have built more than 30 courses ourselves, and have designed various styles courses for people like you all over the world.

And now you can have those plans, construction instructions, marketing and training guides in this very inexpensive “MINIATURE GOLF BUSINESS IN A BOX” pack for only $49 for a limited time. They will save you :

        • Thousands of dollars on architectural fees. 

        • Many months on the research of requirements, planning, materials etc

        • Making costly mistakes in setting up and running a profitable miniature golf business. 

        • Time and money in marketing

Actually, you get everything you’ll need to build a miniature golf course and operate a profitable leisure putt-putt business. The reason I’ve made it so affordable is that I want to have as many as possible standardized miniature golf courses of this type build all over the world. Once this is achieved, we intend to apply for official competition minigolf standardized course recognition by the WMF for the world minigolf championships.


Make Money with Our Inexpensive Putt-Putt Golf Course Designs


It’s So Simple to Build a Profitable MiniGolf Business Cheaply …

…..when you use our Miniature Golf Course Construction Plans


Most Popular Relaxation Sport

Miniature Golf is one of the most popular Relaxation Sports in the whole world, and you will hardly find an upmarket Holiday Resort anywhere that does not boast at least a Nine Hole Course. The reason for this is simple – it is so cheap and easy to build a Miniature Course, Maintenance Costs are extremely low, and the safe Relaxation Sport is suitable for Amateurs and Professionals of all Ages too.


A Profitable Business Almost Instantly from Limited Capital

Did you know that some of our customers have recouped their investments within the first three months and that an average family of four can operate and live quite comfortably off a well-located Course built off Miniature Golf Blue Prints that we supply? Take a walk around the center of your town right now. How many bored youngsters do you see and how many facilities are there where families can have safe fun together? I guess that there are either few or none at all and that you have a great MiniGolf commercial opportunity staring you right in your eyes.


Build a Profitable Miniature or Put-Putt Golf Course with Our Easy Plans

We have built many European-Style Courses ourselves, and we understand exactly what is involved. Our Miniature Golf Course Blueprints are currently available at a special price of $49 and include every detail that you could imagine. This guide contains 25 different minigolf lanes with the AutoCAD files!!! For around $3,500 and a few friends to help, you could have your own basic Nine Hole Business up and running on a piece of ground no bigger than Tennis Court in just two weeks– at $5 a round and an average of just 10 foursomes a day you could get your money back real soon too – just work the numbers for yourself in case you think that we are kidding. We also have smaller sets of plans for those who prefer to play at home.

It’s So Simple to Build a Profitable MiniGolf Business Cheaply … BUY THE GIDE WITH THE PLANS NOW- $49

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