Design Your Adventure Golf Course


By popular demand now we can design a unique minigolf or putt-putt course, especially for your terrain and requirements, and submit to you the blueprints and AutoCAD files, so you can start construction of your profitable miniature golf course, saving on architectural fees. All you need is to send us the Cad files or drawings with exact measurements of your terrain.

The fee for the design and layout of a complete 18 hole course is only $3000 or for 9 hole course is $2000.



Now you can buy ready-made designs, plans, blueprints and layouts of popular adventure minigolf courses, including the complete set of AutoCAD construction files. All of these layouts and designs come with our “3 guide pack” as a bonus in an instant download.


Price:$297  Price:$297 Price:$197
Price:$197 Price: $247 Price: $247


Price:$297 Price:$297 Price:$247

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Our experienced team has designed and built over 25 profitable minigolf/putt-putt courses. Among our clients are hotels, amusement parks, shopping centers, holiday villages, and private investors.

Our decoration and theming team will be happy to work on your projects both in design and construction. Below is the video presentation of our theme park decorations

Please send us an e-mail with your inquiry for more info on our miniature golf design services.


 We don’t just peddle out the same mini golf course design ideas for every client. We tailor our products to your needs, delivering the highest quality custom designs.

We’ll work with you at every step of the way to design the kind of mini golf course you’ve been dreaming of. To do so, we take into consideration things like:

  • the size and condition of your site
  • how many holes you’d like
  • what your budget is
  • what elements and features you’d like.


Let me tell you a true story….

So as I began to prepare for my daughter’s first day at school and attempt to assemble a complicated desk with shelves and drawers, it got me thinking…
“How nice would it be to have somebody come to my home and do all of this for me, or at least hold my hand and walk me through this? What if I put this together incorrectly and something happens to my daughter!!!!” (gives me chills just thinking about that)

Then it dawned on me, here I am offering step-by-step instructions on how to build a miniature golf course guide but there is a handful of people who are in desperate need of some 1 on 1 assistance (like I am right now trying to assemble a complicated set of furniture based on the provided instructions). OMG! Constructing a miniature golf course is way more complicated and requires a much steeper learning curve- what I’ve been thinking …

So, let me ask you… would you like to work 1-on-1 with me to build your miniature golf or putt-putt business for a few months? You’ll be able to communicate with me anytime via Skype, phone, WhatsApp, Viber, etc, and ask questions. There were moments when I’d love to send a picture or a video to a furniture expert and ask- I’m at this stage- something is wrong, but have no idea what is it- please tell me what I need to do to make it right.

If you are located in an EU country I and my tech lead might come and assist your construction team on location.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t want to do the work, I understand! So let my team and I set up a custom design layout for your miniature golf, guide you during the construction, and help you with the promotion and marketing of your miniature golf business, kinda like I want my daughter’s furniture set up for me by a professional, who can do it in a few hours, rather than me trying for a whole day to do it.

If you’re interested just send me an email with your name, number, and a quick explanation of why you’d think this may be a good fit for you- what you plan and want to achieve.

The email will come to my personal inbox and I’ll be calling you directly to discuss all the logistics. Fair warning, the price of this type of support is $3,000 but in my opinion, it will be exponentially worth it and then some.




MINI GOLF is played exclusively on mini golf courses. As the owner of a MINI GOLF or PUTT-PUTT course, you make your facilities available to amateur as well as professional players for a fee. You will have to meet certain expectations. For this reason, the following principles should be kept in mind when planning your facilities.

Technical Perfection: In order to hold sports contests as well as to measure individual performances, it is necessary to create the same playing conditions. Just like every tennis “court or pool table is governed by specific regulations, this is also true for standardized miniature golf courses in the WORLD MINIGOLFSPORT FEDERATION (WMF) in accor­dance with the ,,Bongni” system. Strict adherence to the design plans and construction guidance will guarantee technical perfection.

Solid Construction: A MINI GOLF course must be able to withstand heavy stress. During the course of a season, ten thousands of players with different tempers will use your putt-putt course and is will also be exposed to all seasonal weather conditions. Only a solidly built miniature golf course will ensure that playing can take place day after day, without repairs required.

Appropriateness of the Facilities: As your miniature golf course is an enterprise, the rules of economic thinking also apply. As for any operation, there are also indisputable organizational guidelines for the operation of a miniature golf course. Observing these guidelines will avoid problems for yourself and your customers and, in the end, the result­ing economic success will be your reward.

Good Appearance: Customers want to enjoy your mini golf course and a good overall picture of the facilities should also be provided to the many spectators. Let your customers feel that your miniature or putt-putt golf course is a recreation and holiday park. Show (also in small things) that the decision to construct the mini golf course was not based only on profit thoughts but also on emotions.

Good Location: Selecting the location/site for a mini golf course is based on numerous thoughts that will result in a level-headed weighing of the advantages and disadvantages.

Contests. Sports Associations and Clubs: In the recent past, construction of numerous miniature golf courses was managed by associations and clubs themselves. This has resulted in great advantages as far as carrying out contests is concerned. Professional and amateur sports were brought together. Sports associations and clubs have benefited from the growing number of active players without a negative effect on the leisure time, sports activities of the people at large. Additionally, this helps build up a solid financial basis for the clubs.