Miniature golf vs. Putt-Putt

  • Par is set at 2 without exception on each Putt-Putt hole; in other varieties of mini-golf, par can vary from 2 to 6.
  • Putt-Putt’s short holes are designed so that a hole-in-one can be scored on each hole with a skillful putt, often through the use of banking; the metal rails facilitate accurate caroms. Most mini-golf courses include holes that are impossible to ace, and those that can be aced often rely on luck due to extremely long holes and randomly placed obstacles. Additionally, the borders of each hole usually are made of rocks or uneven brick, making accurate banking difficult.
  • When playing Putt-Putt, a player finishes a hole before the next player takes his first putt. In miniature golf, typically, each player takes his first putt, then the player farthest from the hole takes his second putt, as in real golf.
  • Traditionally, Putt-Putt courses have no over-riding “theme” and have a spartan look about them. Many traditional miniature golf courses have themes (such as a story book or a religious theme), while more modern mini-golf courses twist in and around manmade mountains, lakes, caves and waterfalls, with the resulting water and elevation changes often in play. Recently, themes such as jungles and volcanos have been making their way to Putt-Putt courses, complete with caves, foliage and plaster animals, though the themes never come into play.
  • Obstacles in Putt-Putt are limited to small hills, metal blockers, pipes, and rarely, small water hazards. Mini-golf obstacles know no limits, including boulders, windmills and other moving obstacles, bridges, ramps and loops.
  • Putt-Putt courses reward holes-in-one with a ticket that typically allows the player a free game if he collects three, or in some cases a scratch-off game card. In addition, the player’s ball (red, green, blue or yellow) is traded in for an orange ball, which prevents the player from claiming an additional ticket for that round. Some courses use a set of lights to allow the winning of tickets only for two colors of ball at a time, and announce the names of the golfers who score winning holes-in-one.
  • Generally, Putt-Putt golf courses are considered more appropriate for competition; miniature golf tournaments are popular at Putt-Putt courses but rare at other courses, due to the difference in skill level required. The rare ESPN-televised miniature golf tourney is always at a Putt-Putt course.


There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the distinctions between mini golf, crazy golf, goofy golf, and putt putt for those who are not familiar with them and even for some of those who are. The distinction relies on who you are speaking to, where you are in relation to that person, and whether you are discussing the game today, recently, in the 1960s, or even as far back as the 1800s. Additionally, it depends on what the facility’s exterior sign claims to be!

The differences between these different games have been attempted to be distinguished in this post, but please do not quote us on this as it is only our opinion and there are possibly many others who would hold different opinions.


Putt-putt golf, silly golf, and crazy golf are all examples of mini golf. If one were to accept this, then we could also say that mini golf is the older sibling or perhaps the great-grandfather of all the other types of mini golf

What Exactly Is Mini Golf, Then?

Since mini golf was created by serious golfers for serious (and less serious) golf players, it can be viewed as being superior than putt-putt, silly golf, and crazy golf. Mini golf is intended to help traditional golfers develop their putting strokes and skills. There are no gimmicks; only difficult, enjoyable, and beautifully planted courses.

A tiny version of a regular golf course is what makes up a mini golf course. A mini golf course is obviously so enjoyable that people of all ages who are searching for a decent source of fun and enjoyment play on it as well as serious golfers.


For many of us, playing putt-putt reminds us of the fun we had as kids on a little (sometimes worn-out and exhausted) course that we only played a few times. We were clearly inexperienced since we sought to sink the ball at each hole with the fewest number of strokes possible.

A few gimmicky objects and decorations, such windmills and a few garden gnomes, could be found on most putt-putt courses.


Mini golf includes crazy golf. Players in crazy golf must direct their shots through holes that are located within hills, mounds, and slopes.

Crazy golf has gained a lot of traction, and there is now some very fierce competition, including events where the World Crazies Championship is the main event. Those who take crazy golf seriously must adhere to very rigorous rules and guidelines.

In fact, crazy golf may be a part of a fun night out and is a very popular type of entertainment, especially for singles. For instance, the bar Swingers advertises itself as a golf activity bar and boasts an indoor crazy golf course. There is a nine-hole course, a restaurant, and, of course, a bar at this adult-only institution in London.

Crazy golf is played differently than ordinary golf since each player has a turn to finish the entire hole before the next one begins. In the final round, all players play simultaneously, which is an even bigger difference (and where the game gets its name from), making it a crazy, crazy game!

Just for your information, in crazy golf, a hole in one is referred to as an ace.


The ridiculous obstacles that are on the course make this type of mini golf stand out above the rest. The windmills and tacky elements of putt putt and crazy golf are largely outclassed by these obstacles. Think about enormous monkeys, structures, extraterrestrials, and Chinese dragons. Some have referred to Lee Koplin’s 1959 construction of the first absurd golf course in Florida as a visionary theme park.

Tossing the ball through and around the hazards, some of which were mechanical and included a crocodile that snapped, was the object of the game.

So that in short distinguishes mini golf from crazy golf, goofy golf, silly golf, and putt putt.