Characteristics of a Good Miniature Golf Course Location

Choosing a site is an important aspect of starting a miniature golf course. The characteristics of a good location are:

Traffic : Drivers passing your miniature golf course will become familiar with it and might stop there to shop. You can get traffic counts from a real estate firm, demographic firm, planning commission, or highway department. You will want to pick a location that has high traffic counts during peak business hours.   One way is access this is to park at the site at different times of the day, including week-ends and get some figures for yourself.

If you are in a downtown area, you will need to access the foot traffic. The type of foot traffic will also have a bearing on the miniature golf course concept you choose.

Visibility – If potential customers can’t see you, they may not stop. A corner location is great. And even better is a free-standing building on a corner lot! If you choose a strip mall, a location at the end is best.

Signage also increases visibility. Especially a sign with a read-a-board that allows you to advertise your products. If you are in a downtown location, a curb site gives you more visibility.

Readily Accessible Parking – This is a must, customers need to be able to find a place to park or they may consider it to be more hassle than it’s worth, especially if they are in a hurry.

Strong Population Back-Up – near a high school, college, university, office buildings, dense residential areas or high traffic commercial areas.

Accessibility – Customers need to be able to get to your miniature golf course with ease. Median strips that don’t allow for a left-hand turn make it hard for your customers to get to your miniature golf course. Highly congested traffic areas may also discourage them.

Size – Will the site handle the projected amount of customers you are planning on having?

Price – Make sure the price of the site or lease amount fits your projected break-even or you may just be buying a lot of work with no pay.

Condition of the Site – How much money will it take to build there or if it is an existing building, how much money will it take to remodel or repair?

Always check with the highway department and local agencies to see what improvements or changes are planned for the areas.

Another thing to consider is whether or not this is a high crime area, people may not stop if they don’t feel safe. Destruction of property, robbery and employee safety are other considerations