Please check our time limited custom made design offer now- it can be taken off any time.

Now you can buy ready made designs and layouts of a popular adventure minigolf courses, including the complete set of AutoCad construction files. All of these layouts and designs come with our “3 guide pack” as a bonus.

Price:$297 Price:$297 Price:$197

Price:$197 Price: $247 Price: $247

Price:$297 Price:$297 Price:$247 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Backyard Minigolf Ltd.

By popular demand now we can design a unique minigolf course especially for your terrain and requirements and submit to you the blue prints and AutoCad files, so you can start construction of your profitable miniature golf course, saving on architectural fees. All you need is to send us the Cad files or drawings with exact measures of your terrain.

The fee for the design and layout of a complete 18 hole course is only EUR 3000 or for 9 hole course is EUR 2000.

Our experienced team have designed and build over 15 profitable minigolf courses. Among our clients are hotels, amusement parks, shopping centers, holiday villages and private investors.

Our decoration and theming team will be happy to work on your projects both in design and construction. Below is the video presentation of our theme park decorations

Please send us e-mail with your inquiry for more info on our miniature golf design services.

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