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Make Money with Our Inexpensive Miniature Golf Course Designs


It’s So Simple to Build a Profitable MiniGolf Business Cheaply …

…..when you use our Miniature Golf Course Construction Plans


Most Popular Relaxation Sport

Miniature Golf is one of the most popular Relaxation Sports in the whole world, and you will hardly find an upmarket Holiday Resort anywhere that does not boast at least a Nine Hole Course. The reason for this is simple – it is so cheap and easy to build a Miniature Course, Maintenance Costs are extremely low, and the safe Relaxation Sport is suitable for Amateurs and Professionals of all Ages too.


A Profitable Business Almost Instantly from Limited Capital

Did you know that some of our customers have recouped their investments within the first three months and that an average family of four can operate and live quite comfortably off a well-located Course built off Miniature Golf Blue Prints that we supply. Take a walk around the centre of your town right now. How many bored youngsters do you see and how many facilities are there where families can have safe fun together? I guess that there are either few or none at all, and that you have a great MiniGolf commercial opportunity staring you right in your eyes.


Build a Profitable Miniature Golf Course with Our Easy Plans

We have built many European-Style Courses ourselves, and we understand exactly what is involved. Our Miniature Golf Course Blueprints are currently available at a special price of $49.95 and include every detail that you could imagine. This guide contains 25 different minigolf lanes with the AutoCad files!!! For around $3,500 and a few friends to help, you could have your own basic Nine Hole Business up and running on a piece of ground no bigger than Tennis Court in just two weeks– at $5 a round and an average of just 10 foursomes a day you could get your money back real soon too – just work the numbers for yourself in case you think that we are kidding. We also have smaller sets of plans for those who prefer to play at home.

It’s So Simple to Build a Profitable MiniGolf Business Cheaply … BUY THE GIDE WITH THE PLANS NOW

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